French Cooking & Pastry Making

Born in 1967. She showed early signs of culinary prowess.
She is now married to the kitchen, battling with mixing bowls,
a spatula in one hand, a rolling pin in the other,
for culinary use, of course!
A real gourmet.
A gourmet's life starts at crack of dawn, with the market.
I am inspired by the smells, sounds and spectacular potential before my eyes.
The irresistible nutty flavour of Jerusalem artichokes
Velvety sage to be combined with rabbit and garlic sauce.
Black mullet, with bright boot-buttoned eyes, I want to stuff it with Medjoul dates!
Red onions trigger a thought :
Why not mix with mango and create a carpaccio ?
I see a patch of green: the air is fragrant with coriander
Apricots: a tart! Almond shortcrust pastry with fresh caramelised apricots and a pinch of sea-salt.
Market inspiration, better than recipes: I have my menu!
From my mind to your plate so get cracking little chef.
Make it snappy!
Minimum organisation, plenty of zest, tricks of the trade, no short cuts allowed in pastry making!
But most of all, love and generosity aplenty.

Whisk, simmer, sieve.
Croquembouche. Kromesky.
Roll, score, line.
A dash of spirit to warm the heart.

Slotted spoon and fluted nozzles.
Dust, seal and truss.
A wealth of vegetables in bundles, shredded, tied or chopped.

Strain, snip and slice.
From spicy food to mirepoix,
Blanch, colour, brown and clarify too.
Candied, glazed, iced, frosted, chilled.
Demi-glace: chaud-froid?
Knives and forks.
From plate to palate.
Taste buds in turmoil.
Mellow? Creamy? Melting? Unctuous? Velvety?
Crunchy? crispy? Crusty?
Taste, savour, relish.
And, most of all, share a feast,
From my kitchen to yours.

A little "know-how"goes a long way!